July 17, 2019

The Storm

I AM the storm
Those who do not know me
Fear me
Those who do not understand me
Hide from me
But I have gathered
Every precious drop
Of cleansing in my clouds

I bring the thunder
To shake you from your complacency
While lightning injects energy
Where it is needed
I clear away all that no longer
Serves you
And linger no longer or shorter
Than necessary

Know me
I bring you power
Understand me
I wash you clean
I AM the storm

Posted by BlueWolf on July 17, 2019

April 26, 2005

Your Friend

When we first met, you could've had me
With a simple crook of your finger
But you were busy getting to know Your Friend
I shrugged it off as a lesson I had to learn
Cause I shouldn't have made a first flippant remark
And set about my search for The One among Many

One of the ones further down the line
Just happened to be Your Friend
The Siren sang me such a sweet little song
And she said, "I sing this for you"
Your remember? She told you that too
And she said, "If it weren't for this ocean"
You remember? She told you that too
And she said, "I have to be honest with only you"
You remember? She told you that too
And she told me many lies later uncovered
Your remember? She told you them too

And among those songs, broken promises and lies
We discovered each other again, finally
I held you at arm's length; you held me to the side
And Your Friend tried to make us lovers
But we played duck & dodge and escape & evade

I am no saint, I have stared elsewhere
Afraid to look at you with love's eyes
My real friend asked about you one day
And as I rattled off the chart of your charms
She said, "Isn't that what you've been looking for?"
So I trotted out my shopping/wish list
With a 12 ft DUH sign to sit atop
Which is when I realized I should reach out

I stood on your right and tapped your left shoulder
Whispering, "Yeah, I love you" for the very first time
And we danced to that tune for a very brief moment
While Your Friend danced the tarantella
Afraid you would find a song just for you
Afraid that the ocean was far too deep and wide
Afraid that someone would really be honest with you
Afraid that someone would say "I love you" and not lie

I shook her tantrum at her today
And she accused you & me of lies and deceit
I showed her the lack of crystal balls
And she called you to yell "don't go"
From what she says you've cancelled our plans
From what she says you've toyed with my heart
You could have awakened each morning
Wrapped in the warm arms of love
Instead you'll sleep alone with empty promises
You remember? This is Your Friend.

Posted by BlueWolf on April 26, 2005

You Too

The sax plays
And I crush my cigarette
Gingerly, in fond memories
As a shadow of a smile
Slides across my face.
Flashbacks hit me
In epileptic seizures
Ending up in oral sex
With a bottle of Lite.
My pinball machine
Misses me.
You love wenches
And I love trollops
Who aren't ready for
Yet end up with a lover.
And like an asshole
I forgive only you.

Posted by BlueWolf on April 26, 2005