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December 13, 2001

Let us pray...

Very often you hear that people get angry at God, Goddess, Spirit or whatever Higher Power they believe in when their prayers aren't answered. It's a common theme in "Touched by an Angel" and was even recently seen on "Ally McBeal." Life can sometimes get very tough. And when you're brought to your knees by your circumstances, often that's when people begin to pray.

Sadly, sometimes it takes being brought to your knees in order for God/Goddess/Spirit to get a call out of you. If that's what it takes...and you were God/Goddess/Spirit...and you were missing that person... Well, haven't we all done something similar in our lives? Your boss will only give you the help you need when it's a crisis situation. So every time you need some help, you *make* it a crisis. Maybe that's the only way God/Goddess/Spirit has to make you "phone home."

So situations happen that are 'beyond your control'... It seems that life is crashing all around you... And you're brought to your knees. What do you do? You pray. That's what you're supposed to do on your knees, isn't it? If you weren't on your knees, you'd be going about your happy little life...ignoring all that isn't about you... But since you're there anyway...might as well.

And you start to pray. "Why is this situation happening to me?" Do you really want to know? Are you really ready to look that hard at yourself, your actions and your choices? Or do you just want to know what to do to "fix" it? To have it go "your" way? Say 3 Hail Marys and 2 Our Fathers and *poof* a job, a lover, a home...falls right into your lap. Do you want to know what work you have to do to adjust your path? Or do you just want to know the "secret magic words" that will make everything as you desire? Do you want help? Or do you only want help if it's convenient to you, easy to get, comes from the "right person" and costs you nothing?

I've always been angered by what I call "drive through spirituality." You see it within those who no longer believe along with those in organized religions and New Age shops. It's everywhere. People want to drive through...not have to get out of their car or be inconvenienced... Pull up to the window... pay your money... Get your prayers answered and drive off. It doesn't work that way. It was never supposed to work that way. I can't claim I have all the answers or know totally how it *is* supposed to work. I just know that I've never seen it work like that...and all the people who have ever complained about unanswered prayers have never seen it work like that. It's why they're complaining.

So what _can_ you do? Well...just like you would with people - don't ask any question that you really _don't_ want the answer to... If you're not ready, not willing or not able to deal with that right now, it's okay. [Hug yourself here if this is you.] Perhaps when you truly are ready, willing and able to deal with it, the answers will come to you. So how can you get help without knowing why this is happening? Well, if your tire blew out on the road and someone pulled over and gave you a spare tire, would you need to know that you ran over a nail in order to put the new tire on and drive off? No, you don't need to know. You just need help.

Ask for the help you need. It will come. Just say "help me." Let God/Goddess/Spirit decide when and how. Help will come - perhaps quickly, perhaps when you least expect it, or perhaps even at the final hour. Look at how simple a "prayer" that is... Help me. (Or for the polite..."Help me, please.") It's all you need to say. God/Goddess/Spirit knows best how, when and where to help. Think back on your life. Have you ever gotten desperate enough to simply say "help me?" Were you helped? It may not have been in the way you expected. It may not have been in the manner you expected. And it may not have been though any of the people you ever suspected would be there for you in a time of need. But there's always someone there. Have you never tried it? Have you always asked for a specific thing, event, situation or person? Try it. Especially if nothing else has worked for you. What have you got to lose but your pain? Who else would know but you and God/Goddess/Spirit? Ask for help. And then know that it will come.

What about all those prayers that "weren't answered?" What about the cries for help that went unheeded? Hmmm... were they really? Were you looking? Were you _that_ aware of your life that you would have noticed help sent your way?

There's an old joke. Two people get trapped in their house during a flood. They're very devout believers. They begin to pray to God to help them. Soon a log floats by. They see it and continue to pray. The water rises. They ask for God to help them. A little later a boat comes along. The boat owner says "get in." They say, "No, God's going to save us." And the water rises again. They climb to the top of the house. Eventually a helicopter comes by. A rope ladder is extended and the couple is urged to climb to safety. They say, "No, God's going to save us." The chopper flies off and the water rises. The couple drowns. When they get to the final reckoning, they ask God..."Why didn't you save us? Why did we die? We believed so much in you. I don't understand. What happened?" God says, "I sent you a log. I sent you a boat. And I sent you a helicopter. What more did you want?"

Keep your eyes open. Look for your prayer to be answered. All that you need will always be provided. Know that. Know that you are loved. Know that all your needs will be met. Your wants and desires may or may not be. But your needs will be met. You will not be forsaken.

And sometimes people die. Sometimes that's how the prayer is answered. Were you there when that soul was taken? For that soul to remain in the body, what would they have had to endure? Do you really think you know that much about All That Is to make that decision? Yes, it hurts. But are you the one to know what is best for that person and all concerned? Or do you only know what you want? And sometimes we do not get that which we desire. That hurts too. And the more we want something, the more the denial of it hurts. Ask for help. If you are meant to have that which you are asking for, it will be provided. The way it is provided may not matter....don't let it matter to you (or you will be like the couple in the joke above). If what you desire is not in your Highest Good or best interest, it will not be provided. If your prayer was specific...to attain your desire - this will hurt you. Know the desire and ask for help. If it is for your Highest Good, it will be provided. If it is not for your Highest Good, it will not be provided...but help will be - help to deal with the desire.

Perhaps it is a person you desire? You may pray that someone who interests you will be interested *in* you. Prayers don't work that way. While you're praying for them, do you know if they're praying for someone else? Whose prayer gets answered? Does the decision go by date/time stamp? First come, first served? That doesn't make sense, does it? Remember that when you pray to "attain" the person of your desire. Instead, have you tried to simply pray for love? Have you tried to just pray for someone to love you? For love to enter your life? That prayer will be answered. Once again, you need to keep your eyes open. Love may enter your life in the form of a person who is nothing like what you expected. Here's your opportunity. Take it. Perhaps it may come in an even different form... Perhaps "The One" that you are meant to be with is not ready to be with you yet. And you pray for love. It is answered through the love of your family, the love of your friends, the love of a pet.... Here's your opportunity. Take it. Enjoy it. You are loved. This was sent to hold you - until the time that "The One" becomes ready to meet you or be with you. It is like a snack before the meal. You will be fed - but the water's boiling for the meal and you're starving. So here's a snack. The meal is on its way. Fill yourself up with it. And know that you are loved. You matter. You always matter to God/Goddess/Spirit. And don't forget to say "Thanks" when your prayer is answered.

Where did all this come from? It is my "thanks" for answered prayers. Prayers for help that I have made have been answered. It's time to say thanks. It's time to pray before I have to be taken to my knees in order to speak to my Higher Power. Yes, there are things I still want. But I have food in my refrigerator, freezer and cupboards. I have a roof over my head. I am not in any physical pain. There are presents under the tree. Sure, there could be more if things were different. But they're not. And we still have presents under the tree. And I have my family. And I have love. Thanks. I see my prayers have been answered.

Posted by BlueWolf on December 13, 2001 01:05 PM