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August 23, 2002

Addicted to Books

Okay, if there IS a twelve-step program for it, I don't want to know. My name is Bluewolf, and I'm addicted to books...

I was really good yesterday. I visited downtown Boston and walked around - just looking at the offerings of that lovely city. I got a bite to eat at the Quincy Market and watched some unknown woman playing a guitar in the midst of the marketplace. I took a little (self-guided) walking tour of the city and enjoyed the architecture and flavor of all that is Boston. (read: I walked around gawking at the buildings until my feet got tired)

On my way back, I stopped in Borders. Boston has a Border Books store that has two stories! OMG. An overview of the computer section can be seen from the escalator. As I drooled over the escalator rail, the little angel and devil mini-me toons popped onto my shoulder.

Angel: Now, you know you already have a lot of books.

Devil: Yeah, but they might have something you can't get anywhere else.

Angel: But, you have enough for now. You just bought some at Microcenter.

Devil: You might miss something good...you should at least check.

Angel: The Starbucks across the street closes in a few minutes...

Point goes to Angel... and Devil gets flicked off the shoulder and lands in the middle of the bargain books table.

This afternoon was not so easy. I was on an errand of mercy. I had offered to take one of my classmates to her other hotel (she still has another week of training before going home). I had been pretty good with not spending much this week (*ignoring the Microcenter trip*)... And today is payday ---

So on the way to the hotel we pass a two-story Barnes & Noble. Correction: we didn't pass it - we stopped and shopped. For about two hours. I got two more security-related books and a book on cartooning.

It's almost 11pm here. I think it's safe to finally remove the duct tape from Angel's mouth.

Posted by BlueWolf on August 23, 2002 10:28 PM