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November 10, 2002

A Faire Wedding

Well, Joel and Barbara are finally married. It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful time for all. (Pictures to follow once they get developed)

It was a time when everything just fell into place on its own. Everyone knew what needed to be done and it all got done by everyone and anyone all with ease. It looked quite a bit like magic.

The "rehearsal dinner" actually was more like wedding prep. We set things up and had a bite to eat together. I'm sure anyone who was expecting a traditional rehearsal dinner was disappointed. There was no rehearsal, but there was plenty of dinner. And it was perfect as it was...

The tone of the entire weekend suited the couple. They are very sweet and generous - however they don't stand on formality or ritual. If you've ever been anywhere with them, the wedding was an extension of that experience. You meet up and help yourself. Eat all you want, drink all you want, and smile and enjoy being with each other. There's no pressure. There's no time table. There's no expectations. There's just a lot of love, joy and thankfulness for being able to enjoy each other's presence. They're awesome and the feelings they generate are contagious.

Quite a few people wore Festival clothing. There were archers, royalty, peasants, monks, and even a hunchback. Those who did not come in "costume" were given circletts of flowers with streamers. Everyone looked so festive and it was a very enjoyable celebration. The cake was in the shape of a castle and a huge pig was roasted (along with roast beef and chicken for those who didn't want pork after seeing the pig on the grill).

It truly looked as though we had reached back in time to celebrate a love that is timeless. They are a couple that will make you cry for joy just watching them walk together hand-in-hand. And now it's official. I'm very happy that they finally found each other again. And so begins a new chapter in the story of the Lady of the Lake and the Prince of the Forest.

Posted by BlueWolf on November 10, 2002 02:40 PM