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July 10, 2003

Hello Again!

Well, it seems like I've finally found a few minutes to pop off a blog entry...

Redeagle came to visit last week - so, no big surprise that there were no entries... We had a wonderful vacation. There was a trip to Salem, a trip to P-town, and a cookout/birthday party! Redeagle posted a looooong post about it, so I won't repeat it here (most people read both blogs anyway...)

After she left, I went to another cookout hosted by my godmother. It was a 50's cookout with about 100 or so people. I was asked to be the "official" photographer (my first "gig"). I snapped off about 14 rolls of film in the span of about 5 hours. It was a great cookout in many ways. My mother met up with a friend of hers from work - who happened to know about a cruise which covers 6 or 7 of the local lighthouses. (We've already booked our reservations for it.) On top of that, my godmother is related to some of the teachers from my old high school... I can't even come close to describing the mind twist that happened while I watched (and photographed) these teachers shakin' a leg on the Electric Slide.... Good thing I surrendered all the film to my godmother or I would have been tempted to use them in various pseudo-blackmail scenarios.

I have a new batch of photos to post to my photoblog from other events, though. I'll try to get them uploaded this weekend. This includes a special roll of film snapped off in the Smith Street New York System Hot Weiner place! Of course, they were featured in the Food Section of The Providence Journal on my birthday... My brother included the section in my gift bag. I saw the picture. I drooled. I had to have hot weiners. So, we stopped on our way back and had a great time snappin' pics and scarfin' gaggers.

I also saw an art form that caught my eye in Salem. It was a pic that was cut into sections. The sections had backings of varying thickness. This produced a 3-D effect in the composition. So, this week I tried my hand at it. I took a photo of a ram's head (carved by my uncle) and had multiple enlargements made. Then, I pasted them to layers of card stock and cut out the pieces. I reassembled the pieces in layers on one of the enlargements. It was a tedious process, but the results were great. It resembled one of the pics I saw in the gallery. I'll probably do a few more like that and hand them out as gifts. They're unusual, but they grow on you...

In the meantime - I finished off Chapter 2 of the switching book. There are only 9 chapters in the book, so I should be able to get through it before they retire that version of the exam. Depending on my progress, I might get to take two of the 600 series exams before I have to switch to the 800 series exams. The CCNP cert page says the last day to register for those exams is Sep 7th. Although...there's a link on the Certification Exams page (Apr 29th announcement) that claims the exams will retire on 7 Aug ~ I hope the "true" date is Sep - or I'll have to plunk down more moola for the book on the updated version of the exam. Oh well...what's one more book when you have a bazillion anyway....

I finally got to knock out Session 4 for the ethics course. And I saw T3 in the theater. "Ferris" was kind enough to lend me the dvds for T1 and T2 (which I watched last night instead of studying). Yes, this is related. I find myself thinking about the actions in those movies in terms of the material I'm studying. I remember reading somewhere that in order to write fiction, you must have an underlying philosophy to support the story. Regardless of what you decide, you must decide what you believe is "right" and "wrong" and then demonstrate that philosophy through the actions of your characters. You have to know the ethical angle of the story you're telling and the ethics of each character. Of course, the machines only have programs, but the characters have distinct philosophical beliefs. I'm hoping that this pondering will lead somewhere... a poem, short story, or maybe more???

And good luck to Mad Bull and Dr. D -- riding out the storm!!! My best wishes are with you. Stay safe.

Posted by BlueWolf on July 10, 2003 10:44 PM