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March 14, 2006

Another Shot

Expect to see the numbers start to climb again on the reading stats. I've been studying hard to retake the CIT exam. I really have to know this stuff inside out, backwards, forwards and any which way it may be presented. I have to pass it this time.

I've reconsidered the 'old' CIT book. Although, I am reading it with a grain of salt - knowing that some of the material is obsolete or no longer applies. I've also pulled out every resource I could think of to read, reread or practice with and although it's going to take longer than I want it to, it'll probably be best if I wait until I'm ready before I schedule the test. Sometimes I get 'ready enough' and then schedule it to push myself to finish studying.

I've also been going through my 'trade magazines'... Which means once I get the test knocked out, I'll start blogging more frequently. I have a pile of magazine articles with topics I'd like to discuss here. It would be nice to finally get through that pile and I'm looking forward to writing more often. [And maybe the writing will be more interesting - hey, anything could happen...]

As I'm studying, I'm also finding myself pulled in a few interesting directions. For some reason, I'm finding myself drawn to create and work with databases. I find this odd because I've never had much of an interest in them before. The extent of my database interest covered configuring SQL Server and setting up databases for others to use. Actually using and working with the information within a database (other than blogging posts) was not really something that I had ever bothered with before. But now I find myself thinking about various projects which revolve around storing information in a database and retrieving that information when needed. I'm not yet sure whether it's a subconscious diversionary procrastination tactic or a true interest. I guess only time will tell.

The other interest that has resurfaced has been my interest in security. I'm still not sure where that will or won't lead, but it has remained an interest of mine for a long time. Luckily I can keep some of that diversion to the side as a 'carrot' to finish the CIT studying. [Yes, I just said that I reward myself for learning by allowing myself *more* learning. *a twist of the propeller on my beanie hat and a wink*]

A twist of the prop to you

Well...once again, back to the books...

Posted by BlueWolf on March 14, 2006 01:18 AM