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September 28, 2001

Past Life Regression

I remember a life as a good-looking, male slave. My body was large and strong. I remember being tied to some kind of wooden wheel - like a human ox.

There was a very beautiful blonde who had long, braided hair. We loved each other very much, but our different social status kept us apart. I was a slave and she was from a very high-standing family.

I eventually (won?/bought? my freedom?) joined the military in an effort to raise my status. I thought perhaps that I could fight my way high enough to be able to be with her. It was the time of swords and shields - a Greco-Roman type of sandal era. I looked down at my shoes and they were sandals.

I did very well in battle. I made a very high rank and was highly decorated. I was in a battle and we were almost at the end of it ... nearing victory, when I was told that she was about to marry.

I sped "home" without even bothering to receive my honors and burst in on the wedding. She was marrying a medium build, wealthy and politically powerful man in a purple robe with a gold motif.
( _|¯|_| )

I caused quite a commotion by my appearance. I knew she loved me and not him. I asked her aloud if she loved me or him. There was a very long and uncomfortable silence. She did not answer.

I was hauled away by the guards, taken to a boat, tied to a rock in chains and thrown into the water. Just before I gave my body up, I saw the image of her walking (in a floating manner) towards me and I knew she loved me.

Posted by BlueWolf on September 28, 2001 05:57 AM