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October 05, 2001

Dream Theme

Some people have recurring dreams. I've been having recurring themes in my dreams. It's not an obvious theme, but it has me wondering what I'm trying to tell myself.

Over the last few weeks, I've have vivid dreams about mundane tasks performed with people I haven't seen in 25 or more years. I'm not a dream expert, but I do consider myself an expert on myself. ;)

I think that the frequency of the theme points to something I'm trying to tell myself. Sometimes I see other people in my dreams, but they actually represent myself. Other times the people in my dreams represent other people in my life - I'll "know" inside that it's so-and-so, but they'll look like someone else.

Anyway, I've been seeing a theme emerge from a number of unrelated dreams.

It started with a dream about being on the beach. I was walking along the beach with three other girls. We were all very young (about high school age). The other girls were all named Lori. Now, I'm not sure if that's a hint that they all represented me, or if it was just a memory... When I was about high school age, I used to hang out with three other Loris at the beach. In the dream, all we did was hang out together (as teenagers do - and as we did in the past and in the dream). I could very clearly see what each girl looked like and they looked exactly as they were around 1974. It was a very mundane dream. The thing that struck me as odd is that I dreamed about them at all. We weren't that close. We only hung out for a short time one summer. And I haven't seen (or thought much of) any of them since high school. They were a fun bunch, but I wasn't all that close to them. Why would I think of them all of a sudden?

There have been a few more dreams like that. Very mundane actions and low emotional impact and involvement with the people in the dream.

The one I had last night was odd in that same way. I was in an office building. It looked almost like a library, but there were walls separating a number of offices. It was supposed to be the Old Walter Reed building where I used to work (only it looked nothing like it). I was orienting a new worker to the office. I think she was supposed to be my replacement ... or she could have just been a new worker. I can't remember that part. Anyway, she wanted to have a desk in one room because she thought it was a better office. But I told her that the better office was a different room and showed her the area. I remember explaining that the office I was showing her (where she was supposed to be) actually had more prestige than the office she wanted (which was *why* she wanted the other office). As I was explaining this, Beverly showed up. I deferred to her opinion, since she had worked there for a very long time. Then I woke up. Very mundane. But... I actually worked with Beverly at Walter Reed. We were not very close and she left for a new duty station shortly after I arrived there. She had been stationed there for a relatively long time when I first arrived and met her. So, here's another person who I was not close to at all popping up (for no apparent reason) in one of my dreams. I haven't seen her since around 1984.

I'm wondering what this means. Perhaps I just need some light entertainment in my rest? And who's going to show up next???

Posted by BlueWolf on October 5, 2001 07:31 AM