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November 10, 2001

Elestial Crystals

The Elestial Crystals are more commonly known as skeletal quartz. This is a special and unusual kind of quartz crystal that is distinguished from other quartz crystals by its shape. Unlike regular quartz, the Elestials may have several terminated points on a single piece or may be a single terminated piece or may have no terminated apexes. Many of them appear singed and often have a rather smokey color. The faces of these crystals appear etched and/or layered.

Elestials are said to be aligned with angelic vibrations. They have also been used in various ceremonies to reach the ancestral spirits and are connected with the concept of Shiva due to their use in preparing for deep transformation at the core level.

The combination of the highly charged quartz material with the layered etching draws the mind within itself, allowing for the discovery and eventual identification with cosmic consciousness and angelic energies. The Elestials usually emerge into your life during times of deep changes that effect the core of your being and basic essence. These crystals can be used to overcome emotional burdens, bring the heart and intellect into synchronicity, and look within to find the love that has always been there. They can also assist you in understanding the processes of life and the levels of death. These crystals also stabilize brain wave frequencies and neutralize erratic or confused thought forms.

With the elestial's connections with deep transformational change and the comfort they provide to those who are in the dying process, it is easy to see why this form of crystal can be used as an entrance to information concerning past, present and future lives. They can also be used to facilitate access to shared past or future lives between two or more people. With their effects on the brain, elestials act as an aid in the comprehension and verbalization of the information which is received. They can be used to assist in accessing information relevant to the karmic burdens incurred during past lives, and help to recognize and understand the concept of grace or find a more joyful way to cancel the karma. Using elestials to access future lives will help you to understand the tasks/lessons that must be accomplished in this life in order to eliminate the need to repeat harsh lessons.

Personal Past Life Elestial Meditation

Center yourself and empty your mind. (Centering yourself consists of stilling your thoughts, balancing your emotions, and grounding yourself ~ connecting with Mother Earth.)

Ask your Higher Self if the elestials should be used at this time.

Place the elestial in the dominant or "sending" hand and attune yourself with the crystal.

Close your eyes and take the index finger of the non-dominant or "receiving" hand and lightly run your finger over the etchings and layers.

Become open to receiving information and pay close attention to the thoughts that manifest within your mind. (If there are any messages or insights that you do not understand or would like to know more about, mentally ask for clarification or further information.)

When you have received as much information and insight as you feel comfortable with, thank the guides (angels/ Spirit/ Goddess) and the crystal, and slowly open your eyes. (You may want to keep a journal nearby to record the information.)

Shared Past Life Access Meditation

Center yourselves and clear your minds of any outside thoughts.

Hold hands and begin circular breathing (person A exhales while person B inhales and vice versa). Both persons should visualize the energy moving in from the other person through the receiving hand, circling the heart, and flowing out to the other person through the sending hand in a circular motion ~ visualize the entire circle.

Place the elestial between the palms of one set of the hands.

You may either sit quietly, staring into each other's eyes, or both close your eyes.

Allow the thoughts, images and impressions of your shared past lives to emerge. Do not attempt to alter or "fix" the information, just passively receive the messages.

When one of the partners has received all that they feel comfortable with, they should slightly squeeze their partner's hand as a signal. (Please do not overwhelm yourself or your partner in the quest for information ~ you can always repeat this exercise.)

Open your eyes or break your stare (at least momentarily). Share the information you have received with your partner. Do not be concerned if you have viewed different past lives together. You will be given information on the past life that is most necessary for your growth and this may or may not be the same information that is necessary for your partner's personal growth.

Posted by BlueWolf on November 10, 2001 03:05 AM