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November 17, 2001


This post was inspired by some comments on Tracy's blog regarding Miss Cleo, Tarot, vague impressions vs specific knowlege...

In a nutshell, here's how I learned to do Tarot.

First you learn the cards and their traditional meanings. Then you learn the parts of the cards and what each part means - and when put together, what the combination means. This means you have to get a good feel for basic numerology, the symbols, and color representations. When you put the 4 (the four corners, a square, stability) together with the wands (growth, enterprise), you get the marriage card. Think of growing into stability - getting married and starting your own family... Makes sense, right?

Okay, so you have a foundation for your understanding. Now throw out everything you just learned. Sit with each card and meditate on it. Find out what each one means to you. When do you think someone would get such a card? What things are you seeing in the picture that aren't brought out or emphasized in the traditional meaning? When you look at the card again, do you focus on the same thing or is there something else that you notice? What colors are dominant? And what do those colors represent?

Also learn some spreads. Learn what each position in the spread represents. The same card in a different position could mean something different. The same card next to a different card could give it a different shade of meaning.

Now practice with some spreads for yourself in a journal. I've found that this is the best way to fine tune your intuition. Sometimes this is hard. When you're reading for yourself, sometimes you're not ready to hear what it really says - and that can throw you off. I much prefer to do readings for strangers. This way I don't have any inhibitions and what I know consciously doesn't interfere with what I'm receiving.

Some have said that the cards are just a "prop" and that the real reading comes from your intuition. I look at the cards as "cue cards." You look at them and get their general impression. Then you look at where they are and what's next to them and get that shade of meaning. You relax and start with what you know about each card and let the information flow through you. You are a conduit of information, not its source. And when you relax enough and listen to your "inner voice," you'll come out with some surprising stuff. Don't hold back. Sometimes things that may seem odd to you might make sense to the client. I remember a reading I did that involved a chicken coop. I thought for sure that this was symbolic and was a bit hesitant to mention it. The odd part is that the woman DID have a chicken coop on her property and the messages I received made much more sense to her than they did to me. Another time I saw an issue in the cards between the woman and her family. It regarded her boyfriend. There were many cards - and there were a lot of yin-yang type of symbols...The main cards were the Art card and the Lovers card (from the Crowley deck). I mentioned that there was a problem with her family accepting her relationship with her boyfriend...and it was because it was an interracial relationship. Bingo - right on the nose! I had never seen the woman before and had no idea if she was even dating or not. But that's what the cards were indicating and that's the impression I was receiving. So I let it flow. Sometimes it's not that specific - and you get more general impressions...it depends.

Before I met Tracy, I had a number of readings done. Almost all of them pointed to a blond woman. A Pisces woman. Someone with a connection to Florida. A woman that is involved in healing of some kind. Well, this kind of sounded odd (not having met Tracy yet). The strange part is that I had a hetero friend that also fit that description. And everyone would eyeball her since she fit the description so well. I just knew the readings had to be wrong since there was nothing like that going on between us. Then I met Tracy. Ah-ha! So it *was* right.

Just remember that you're trying to make a sentence or paragraph. And the card meanings are the nouns and verbs that make up the sentence. Relax and it will flow. And don't forget to eat something sweet after you conduct a few readings. You'll feel a little drained...and a small slice of cake afterwards will re-energize you...


On another note... I'm still struggling with this blog. It's meandering through subjects and is updated less frequently than my other blog. I tried using some older writings to energize it and give me an easy way to keep it updated. It still hasn't found its place or voice.

Tracy has suggested going through the Tarot cards - and giving my impression of each card. I dunno. I just know that this is my special metaphysical outlet.

I also know that it's hard to keep checking a blog that's updated erratically and infrequently. I've considered using the notification feature of the blog to give notice to those that are interested, but have a hard time remembering to check it.

I think the blog needs a focus. I put the day-to-day musings on life and everything in my other blog. This one needs a specific focus. I guess metaphysical isn't specific enough to give me frequent and constant topics to write about...

So what would YOU like to see discussed in this blog? Metaphysics 101? Tarot? Runes? Meditation? Past Lives? Herbs? Stones?

Posted by BlueWolf on November 17, 2001 05:43 AM