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October 03, 2002

Old Friends

I visited with some old friends tonight. My mother gave me a small brass and glass table that fits politely in the corner between two bedrooms. corner table I spent some time earlier this week polishing the brass and trying to figure out what to put on it. My mother used it for knick-knacks, but I knew that if I put a few sundry things on it, my mind would ignore it altogether. I wanted to enjoy this gift. Eventually I decided that I would put some of my crystals and stones on it.

Originally, there were only going to be a few - nicely displayed. They've been sitting in small boxes for a long time. I've been collecting them for years (since the late 80s) and used to use them to meditate and do various types of crystal work. As my activities in that area dwindled, so did my contact with my old friends. I didn't know I missed them so much until I saw them again.

I began by separating them into large, small, and crystal groups. The first box was easy. It consisted of a group of large to medium stones with a few of the larger crystals. All of them needed to be there. The second box was more difficult. As the amount of stones grew larger, I became concerned that they wouldn't all fit. But, I've just *got* to have this one and that one handy. Oh yeah, and here's the .... as the table tops grew more crowded. A gave a moment's notice to a passing concern about the cat knocking them off the table and batting it around the floor. Then I brushed off the concern and continued sorting the stones.

bottom layer The bottom layer turned out to be a collection of unpolished stones. Selenite, sodalite, green calcite, honey calcite and rose quartz are among those found in this layer. I got a little frustrated when I couldn't remember all their names. I used to know each one, along with its metaphysical properties. Now all I have are vague memories and a few names of the more memorable varieties.

middle layerMy friends in the middle layer began with the crystal geodes. Lace agate, picture jasper, tourmaline, peridot, jade and various other lovelies were placed in small groups of similarity. Although the hematite was heavy and seemed to want to be on a lower shelf, its countenance clashed with the unpolished stones and eventually found its way to the middle shelf. I remembered a few by name, a few by use, and others by the way they came to be with me. There was one very pretty (and very small) aquamarine stone that I remember seeing in a New Age store. It was very expensive, but I remember that I just *had* to have it. I don't remember its name or use today, but I remember that it was very useful and potent. Luckily I still have my guides to the stones. I have two books [Love is in the Earth] by Melody which will help greatly. One book is a pictoral guide, while the other lists the properties of each stone. It will take some time, but I will reacquaint myself with my old friends.

top layerThe top layer was reserved for quartz crystals. I didn't realize that I had so many. I especially didn't know I had so many varieties. There were tabbies, twins, generators, lasers, and quite a few elestials. I missed working with the quartz crystals the most. There were many that I used for energy work, which was very fun and interesting. But, I think the thing I missed the most was using a crystal to meditate. It makes quite a difference in the quality and direction of a meditation.

Now that my friends are out of their boxes and close at hand, I can enjoy them more. They will be more likely to catch my eye and attention. I'm looking forward to refreshing my knowledge in this area. I'm also anticipating setting aside some time to meditate.

Posted by BlueWolf on October 3, 2002 10:21 PM