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June 29, 2004

Much Better

Ahhhhhh....I feel much better now about missing TechMentor. Granted, it would be nice, but....

I stopped by Barnes and Noble on my way home from work. The original idea was to pick up a Scrabble Players Dictionary. I figured I could thumb through it during idle time every now and then to build my vocabulary (and lessen my dependence on the f-word).

Since I had no clue where any books *other than* the computer books are kept...I wandered the aisles. Dangerous move. My natural homing instinct drew me to the computer section. Okay, I'll just browse. [Yeah, right. I have more of a chance of canning the f-word...]

On the cover of one book, I saw a huge guy leaning over the word "Hardening." No, B&N isn't selling books on Viagra... It's a security book. Hey, that guy looks familiar... Didn't I see him on a Harley on I-195? I look at some other books...

Well...what kind of security book is that? I look again. Hardening Windows Systems. Kinda interesting, but that's not what I'm here for... I look at a few more books... Hey, I wonder who's trying to compete with Roberta Bragg by writing about Windows Security? I look at it again. Ah....nobody. She wrote it.

I also bought a Scrabble Players Dictionary.

So it's no surprise that I buckled, right? I have to admit, it made me feel much better about missing this year's TechMentor. And I have what I call a "Motivator Book." Motivator Books are books that I want to read soooooo bad, that I'll push my way through another book just to get to the MB. I'm putting this one behind the 1700 page Minasi (Server 03) book. That'll do the trick. It's like promising yourself a double fudge sundae after making your way through surf and turf...

Posted by BlueWolf on June 29, 2004 09:43 PM