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August 20, 2004

You just have to ask...

Well...the mailing list thing worked out better than I expected. I asked for a shout out and got some really nice responses!

The blogging question finally did arrive... Guess there was just a delay. Yes, now I feel better. At least I was asked. I didn't realize it bothered me so much to be ignored... And now that I know where *that* goat is tied...I'll have to move it....

The IE question now makes sense too. It seems my definition of technical is not the same as everyone else's... Turns out that the woman is one of those 'hard hat' types of engineers. [Much to my chagrin...] And yes, I felt guilty enough to answer the question...

I also got responses from other technical types -- not necessarily computer/network technical, but techies nonetheless. AND I got a few responses from IT techies (yeah!!!).

I feel much better now. It has helped me to feel more connected and less isolated... Which is odd since I've always considered myself a 'lone wolf' type. I'm not usually one that feels such a need to socialize and connect with other people. But perhaps this was something I didn't know about myself until now...

2 questions and 4 answers. Not a bad deal. [Hmmm....now if only I could work that kind of I/O in the financial realm...]

Posted by BlueWolf on August 20, 2004 03:30 PM