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June 08, 2005

Trade Magazines

Quite often the computer industry gives away FREE magazines to 'qualified' readers. Sometimes they're filled with more advertisement than content, but there are a few that are very much worth reading. The best of the lot is PACKET Magazine (Cisco Systems Users Magazine).

While reading PACKET, I ran across a reference to "the freeware utility Router Audit Tool [which] compares existing router configurations to a recommended baseline and suggests ways to increase device security." The rest of the article describes various methods of implementing layered security, but that one nugget piqued my curiosity.

For those equally as curious, here's the link to the Router Audit Tool:


Another little tidbit from that same issue:
When you're in global config mode [ Router (config)#], it's inconvenient to switch back to priviledged mode [ Router #] to use commands like show, ping and telnet. Instead of going back and forth, you can use the do command with the original syntax.

Router (config)# do show running-config
Router (config)# do show interface e0

Such a great tip! And I'm sure I'll be using this tomorrow...and from now on.

Posted by BlueWolf on June 8, 2005 06:28 PM