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November 30, 2016

CCIE Security Written Update

At this point, I find myself getting to the end of my "restudy" plan for the CCIE Security Written. I have one INE video series and two small books left to complete and it's time to step up to the plate again. I will admit - it is scary. Not scary as in fear of the unknown. Not scary like I'm gonna die (read: roller coaster ride). But scary in the way that I am basically placing a $400 USD bet that I know this material. If I am wrong, I lose what I consider a good chunk of money. If I am right, I get to begin my prep for the CCIE Security Lab. I realize this fear exists and I am facing it instead of feeding it.

My main challenge with fear is that I procrastinate. This can manifest in two ways. One is that I come up with all kinds of "other" requirements that eat up my study time. I have been able to combat that symptom this time. The other way to procrastinate is to over study. To combat that symptom, I have begun blogging at my CCIE Study site:

CCIE Study - Security Written Category

I'm going through the blueprint and writing about each section. People are welcome to use this to enhance their study, but it will not be complete or in depth. Writing about each topic completely would be like writing a 700+ page Study Guide (that is needed but does not exist). That would really be procrastination. Note: there is a Study Guide but it's really old and does not cover the current Version 4.1. So it's going to be my notes and a discussion of things on each topic that I want to reinforce and remember. Although another candidate may get some use out of reading the posts, they would get more out of creating a similar site.

And once I cover the topic and write about it, I'm marking it off the list. Each topic will be "put to bed" one-by-one. At the end, I will take the test. That gives me a hard stop.

My previous post here about CCNP cert renewal discussed taking off the pressure by not using this exam to renew my certs (due to the upcoming deadline). That was good for my stress level and has made studying much more pleasant. But it also removed the push to get this done relatively quickly. So now I have a hard stop and a well-defined plan. All that's left is to execute.

The other symptom that can arise as time marches on and I'm continually studying is - getting itchy. The reaction to procrastination is an impulsive urge to "just do it" and rush headlong into the task. That would not be good. Taking the test before being completely ready will cost $400. So in that way, the blueprint posts also help. They keep me going until they are completed.

In case you're wondering, the blueprint will be displayed in reverse order on that page. Posts are displayed with the most recent on top. So as I go through the blueprint, it will be displayed in reverse order.

Happy Studying!

Posted by BlueWolf on November 30, 2016 08:50 PM