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October 28, 2001

Disney and Ouija

Okay...the world is going to hell in a handbasket. I was just watching a Disney show (with Spencer) called "So Weird." Well, I already thought it was so weird to see Mackenzie Phillips in a mom role. It aged me by at least ten years. But that wasn't the only weird part. The show was about these teens using a "talking board." It was a Ouija board! On Disney! *faint*

Next thing you know, they'll show a Druid with mouse ears...

I'm still in shock. Disney and Ouija. Not a good combination (on either side).

Spencer and I had a little talk about it and I made him promise me he wouldn't fool around with one...especially as a teenager. It's such an awkard time as it is; no need to throw something like that in the mix. I've heard a number of stories of teens playing with the board and freaky stuff happening - none of which was good or cool. Teens either take it waaaaaay too seriously and put more energy into it than they can handle, or they take it waaaaaay too casually and it bites them in the ass. I also know some teens who played gin rummy with a deck of tarot cards (once, and only once). It did not turn out well.

You don't PLAY with the unknown.

Just like in Judo and Karate - they teach you how to fall properly (safely) before they teach you how to do any other moves. The same applies to "woo woo" stuff. You learn how to ground yourself properly. You learn how to protect yourself and shield yourself. THEN you learn how to work with energy. Safety first, safety always.

Imagine the case of the person who works very hard at developing their clairaudience. They put all their energy into listening hard to "hear" ... and once they get it, they are "hearing" all the time... It's like working hard to build a radio and forgetting to put in an "off" button. Don't turn anything "on" that you don't know how to turn "off." That's the stuff upon which horror movies are based.

Now I'm sure some experienced moms are reading this and saying to themselves, "as soon as she made him promise not to do it, it was certain that he will." Well, actually it's Tracy that really has the "authority" to say if he can or can't do something. But the promise was that he wouldn't _play_ with it. I think he'll keep that promise.

*stocking up on smudge sticks, Champa incense, crystals and selenite*

Posted by BlueWolf on October 28, 2001 01:41 AM