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October 23, 2001

Touched by an Angel

Tracy has been teasing me for a while about something...and now she's threatening to blog about it. So I better blog about it first.

The truth is: I like "Touched by an Angel." I don't know why. I grew up Catholic, but my spiritual quest has led me beyond the boundaries of the organized religion of my birth. But I still like this show. I watch it all the time - and Tracy is so surprised. It's not that she doesn't like the show, it just boggles her mind that I like it so much. And so does Spencer. I don't think he knows why he likes it either. But we both watch it all the time.

It's not a well-written show. In fact, the writing is pretty hokey and the angels shine the light above their heads more often than is believable. And there are one too many "deus ex machina" resolutions to problems. But it draws me.

It may be the character of Tess. She's an angel that doesn't take shit and doesn't take excuses. But she doesn't play rough unless her hand is forced. If I was on my way to the afterlife, I'd want to be greeted by someone like her. I would feel safe. There's something about her voice that transcends the show. When she starts talking about God, it's like her words are separate from the script.

Or maybe it's the character of Monica? A pretty girl who's a "young" angel. She's not perfect. She needs the help and guidance of the older and more knowing Tess. She has a lot of heart and tries to help people with her entire heart. Every time she speaks, it causes me to say "she's so sweet." Perhaps she's the encouragement I've been seeking/needing all my life? Not so much encouragement in any one particular area or with any particular task - just general encouragement. I can hear her say "come on now, you can climb that mountain... each step is one step closer... and any journey is simply a bunch of steps in the right direction..." She's always encouraging people to do the right thing in the right way, no matter how hard it seems.

And then there's Andrew. I'm not exactly fond of him - it's more like I know he's necessary. He's the responsibility that I shoulder and the courage to take action. He doesn't usually say much. He's the one that hangs around waiting for the "right moment." And then he says, "it's time." And you know it's time. You know there's no more time. There's no bargaining, pleading, or second guessing. It's time - and you just have to do what you're supposed to do. He doesn't ask you to like it, he doesn't ask you to try and change it, he just expects you to do what you know it's time to do. You've had your planning time; you've had your warning. Now it's time.

I noticed while I was writing this that they're adding a "new" angel to the mix (Gloria). I haven't seen any of those episodes yet, but I'm sure I will. Because I do like the show. And I keep watching.

Take what you need and leave the rest. I guess that's what I do with that show.

Posted by BlueWolf on October 23, 2001 03:26 PM