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November 05, 2001


My apologies for not posting sooner. If you read my other blog, you know I've been up to my eyeballs in web work. But that is not the only reason I haven't posted. This blog is special...it's my metaphysical blog. The mundane stuff goes in the other blog. I expect to post there more often. I've also been waiting...and looking. I remember having written a newsletter years ago that had some really good info in it. I was trying to find it so I could post some of it here. Well, I just found it. The following article on meditation was written in November, 1996.


Meditation is easy to learn, and can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. It can take just a few minutes, or it can last for hours ~ depending on your schedule. There are four major "paths" of meditation, and the one that is right for you depends on which area you personally feel strongest and most secure. There are no absolute rules. And you can use meditations that combine paths if you wish.

The four paths of meditation are: the path through the intellect; the path through the emotions; the path through the body; and the path through action. In the path of the intellect, you pursue thought to provide a revolution in the very heart of thought. An example of this is found in Habad Hasidism in the Hebrew tradition. The path through the emotions concentrates on meditations that loosen the feelings and expand the ability to relate to others, to care and to love. These meditations are more likely to be unstructured. An example of this is the person who works at practicing the "Christ Consciousness." The path of the body completely absorbs you in bodily integration and bodily movement. Examples of this are Hatha Yoga and T'ai Chi. The path of action concerns learning how to "be" and to perceive and relate to the world during the performance of a particular type of skill. Various skills have been used ~ archery, flower arrangement, and aikido and karate in the Zen tradition.

Meditations can either be structured or unstructured. A structured meditation carefully and precisely defines what the inner activity is that you are working toward. A guided meditation is an example of a structured meditation. An unstructured meditation is one in which you think about a subject and simply stay with the subject and your own feelings about it. It differs from "free association" in that you keep yourself to the subject itself and how you think and feel about it.

There are many things that can enhance your meditations and make them more elaborate, if you so desire. One of these things is the lighting of incense. Choose an incense that matches the intent of the meditation. For instance, the Champa has a light and airy scent. It would be ideal for attempting to reach higher realms of consciousness. The deeper scent of Khush would be more suited to delving into matters more deeply. Incense works on a subtle and unconscious level in the same way as Aromatherapy. If you notice that the incense distracts you, or in any way hinders you from focusing on your meditation, discontinue its use.

Another method to make your meditation more elaborate would be the playing of soft music. Try to stick to instrumentals to avoid distractions. Some of the music types that have been found to be effective, are: classical, jazz, nature sounds, rhythmic drumming, and Gregorian chants. As with the scents, different musical styles evoke different moods and thoughts. Please be sure to choose a style of music that compliments the intent of the meditation. And once again, if you find that it distracts you, discontinue its use.

Your imagination and creativity are the only things that you need to make your meditations more elaborate. You may choose to set aside a special time, a special area, hold a special object (quartz crystal or other stone), or use a special chair to sit in. Anything that makes you feel more comfortable in this space and does not detract from the meditation would be acceptable.

The following meditation is provided as an example of a guided meditation. You may want to read this meditation onto a cassette tape and play it back to yourself. Another way to use the meditation is to meditate in a group, and have one person read the meditation aloud for the others. Set your area up in any way you desire, and enjoy the effects and impressions that come to you through this medium.

[To learn more about meditation, please read How to Meditate by Lawrence LeShan.]

Tree In Winter Meditation

You are listening to the Tree in Winter Meditation. It is a guided meditation, which involves a deep level of relaxation and should never be used in a moving automobile.

It is structured to gently guide your awareness through the process of relaxation, induce a higher state of consciousness, and allow you to release all that no longer serves you and that which is in your highest good to move beyond. This meditation works best when lying down, but can be used in any position that is comfortable for you.

Now, I want you to close your eyes, and begin to breathe slowly and deeply. Inhale for a silent count of four, hold your breath for as long as you comfortably can, and exhale slowly and completely.

Inhale slowly through the nose, holding your breath, and then exhale completely through slightly parted lips. Breathe in, taking in new and fresh ideas, and holding them in the heart area. And now breathe out, releasing all stress and anxiety.

And continue to hold this deep breathing, so that your body begins to release and relax. And in the future, prior to each meditative session, do three minutes of this deep and relaxing breathing before you begin.

Now, slow down your mind, and clear away all outside thoughts and focus on the sound of my voice. If any distractions should appear, gently brush them aside and return your concentration to the sound of my voice.

And I want you to imagine standing in a large, fertile field. The golden rays of the sun have warmed this field. And this warmth begins to seep into the soles of both of your feet at the same time. And it warms and relaxes both of your feet. And this relaxing power begins to slowly work its way into your ankles, relaxing the ankles. Feel it moving up the calves, relaxing and warming you as it travels to the knees and up the thighs. And this relaxing power flows into your hips, and gently soothes and relaxes the hips. And now you begin to feel the warmth in the tips of your fingers, relaxing the fingers and hands, and moving into the wrists, gently soothing and relaxing. And it moves up your arms, relaxing the forearms, elbows and upper arms. Now feel the warmth in the base of your spine. And the relaxing power works its way up your spine, slowly and gently winding its way up your spine. And your arms, and legs, and spine feel warm and relaxed. This relaxing feeling moves on up the spine to the neck and shoulder muscles, relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles. Begin to feel the relaxing power move up your neck into your scalp, relaxing your scalp and draining down into your facial muscles. The warm and gentle power relaxes your facial muscles and your jaw is relaxed. Allow a little space between your teeth, and your throat is relaxed.

Now, I want you to imagine a point of light above that originates at the center of the universe. And from this point, I want you to imagine a ray of bright golden light that shines down upon you. Make it real with the power of your mind. And this bright, golden light enters your heart area, and you are filled to overflowing with the love and gentle energy of this bright, golden light. And you feel strong, healthy and safe.

And as this light moves up your spine, you feel it begin to sprout from the crown chakra at the top of your head. And as it sprouts, it becomes a protective rainbow of light that surrounds and protects you. First, you see the red, then the orange, and the yellow, and green, then the blue, and then violet and then you see indigo. And as these colors stream down around you, they begin to shimmer from the strands of gold interlaced within each color. And this protective rainbow can extend out as far as you wish. And I want you to imagine this rainbow becoming larger and stronger.

And from each foot, imagine roots growing out, branching and continuing to grow until they reach Mother Earth. Plant the roots firmly into Mother Earth and allow the roots to grow and branch out. And as the roots go deeper and deeper, they begin to tap into the transformational energy of the Earth. And you become fully and firmly grounded.

Now, I want you to begin to absorb the nutrients and the life-giving water and transformative earth energy back up the roots into the navel where it builds.

When this area becomes completely full, let this energy find its way up the spine – healing and transforming to perfection all that it touches. As it reaches the shoulders, it branches off in three directions – one out each arm and another out the top of your head. And it is healing and transforming as it continues to grow.

And as it branches off and continues to grow, leaves begin forming. When you have extended as far out as you desire, leaves sprout and shoot off from the branches. Notice how green and full of life the leaves have become.

And each leaf represents a memory that wishes to be released. Notice the leaves closest to you. And as you focus your attention on each individual leaf, an image that symbolizes the memory of each event or person or thing that you desire to release will become apparent. You will view these scenes and images as an observer, and you will have a detached perspective. And anything that is too intense to see vividly, you will view as an abstract symbol. You will see these images of what once was in your life, which you no longer wish to remain as a part of your life as you live it fully in the present.

As you watch the images unfolding before you, when the message of their memory is completed, the leaf will turn its autumn color and gently drop off and float to the ground to be transformed by the Earth. You will say goodbye to that memory and focus on the next one, and the ones after that, each in its own turn.

(Pause for the above to transpire.)

And now that all the memories that you no longer need in your life have fallen to the ground, a gentle and light snowfall begins. The flakes are dainty and beautiful and they build up and create a bright, white blanket of soft snow, which completely covers the fallen leaves so that they can no longer be seen.

And the bright sun glistens on the top of the new fallen snow, and you feel happy to see the sun shine. And the sun grows brighter and brighter and begins to warm the snow. The snow slowly melts away and you can feel the water giving nourishment to the roots.

(Short pause)

And now that the snow has all melted, you look down and notice that the fallen leaves have also disappeared. The Earth and the change of seasons have transformed and absorbed them. This is all a part of the circle of life that flows through all living things. And you look now on the branches of the tree and notice new buds forming. These buds are the beginning of new memories and experiences that you are now asking to come into your life. And you feel the freshness of springtime.

Now it is time to thank the Earth for her help in transforming the leaves. You will remember the messages and insight found on the leaves before they fell and understand their lessons. If you do not easily understand the purpose of an event or symbol, clarity will gently come to you in your nightly dreams.

And your branches pull back to become your arms and hands again.

Thank Mother Earth for her nourishment and protection and slowly pull back the roots until they once again become feet and legs.

And you feel the pulsing life force in your naval area. You will carry this gentle pulsing force to know that you are always connected to the Mother and are full of life, vibrancy and good health. You can call upon this inner peace at any time.

And as you recall the messages and lessons, slowly and gently become aware of all that surrounds you. When you are comfortable, open your eyes and record all that you have learned from this journey. You will feel awake and refreshed.

Posted by BlueWolf on November 5, 2001 04:33 AM