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November 06, 2001


One of the items frequently left out of some metaphysical programs and instruction is grounding. Grounding is essential to those on the metaphysical path and can help bring more fruit from your psychic labors. It is also helpful to those "sensitives" that are given to frequent "flights of fancy." With more and more of us getting online and staying online for an increasing amount of hours, this is also essential. Like metaphysical work, online time takes you out of your physical body and allows you to mentally and emotionally travel and interact with people. The lack of the physical element in both situations makes grounding skills essential.

Grounding is simply a way to keep in touch with the physical reality that surrounds us. And there are many ways to do this. Some methods will work better for you than others, so I encourage you to try all the methods and decide which one (or ones) suits you best. Yes, the goal of metaphysical work is sometimes on a higher level and seeks to break the restraints of the physical, but we must realize that we are souls that are on the physical plane right now and we have come here for a reason. If we ignore the physical aspect of our existence, we are just as hampered in our growth as those who neglect the spiritual aspect of their existence.

Grounding and Meditation ~ Before you start your meditative journey, you should firmly ground yourself. Prior to any other visualizations, you should first imagine your energy coming out of your feet and entrenching itself deep into the ground, branching off like the roots of a tree into Mother Earth. Anchor yourself to the Earth and leave your roots there until you are done with your meditation. You will begin to notice, after some work with this method, that the insights you receive from your meditations will be more practical in nature.

Grounding and Crystal Work ~ Anyone doing work with crystals and crystal healing is usually familiar with grounding. One of the commonly used stones for grounding is Hematite. Those who work with crystals are moving energy in and through their body and the body of the client. Sometimes you desire to release the unwanted energies of situations that may be causing dis-ease in the client. The Earth is a perfect place to discharge those energies. Being a transmutive force, the Earth is able to take that energy and turn it into benign energy (energy without an emotional charge attached to it). Common methods of grounding used by crystal healers include putting a piece of hematite at the bottom of each foot. It is recommended that if you keep a number of the pretty and high energy crystals around you, that you also keep hematite among them to balance the energy and ground you.

Grounding through Eating ~ One of the things you'll notice around any metaphysical group meeting is that there's always something to eat. Yes, energy work takes a lot out of you and the cake on the table is more than just good manners. The food causes your body to focus on digestion. Also the physical sensations of eating make you more aware of your body. There are reasons why many fast while attempting to go on spiritual journeys. This is just the opposite - which helps you to completely return from such journeys.

Grounding through Gardening ~ While gardening is a meditation in and of itself to some, it can also help you to get or remain grounded. Putting your hands directly in soil helps in grounding. Ever notice that farmers are such practical people? Repot houseplants if you don't have a garden. If you're outside doing ceremony, you can place your hands directly on the ground with your palms downward.

Posted by BlueWolf on November 6, 2001 05:08 AM