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June 03, 2003

Who is Murphy?

Okay...as Murphy's Law would have it.... as soon as I posted the previous post, I got it to work.

I kept searching and found TWO MORE web sites which talk about problems with the NEWCONFIG mailing. (I did a different type of search this time...)

It seems that the entire problem was a problem with OUTLOOK!!!

Apparently... Plain Text is not really Plain Text. [Of course, I knew better than to send the config file in Rich Text or HTML...but, I thought Plain Text was good enough... Sheeeeesh.]

I did two things to my mail client (Outlook) and got it to work.

The first thing I did.... I switched from MIME to UUENCODE.
The second thing I did...I set the automatic wrap to 132 (the max).

It accepted the original file without a problem. *ROLLS EYES*

So....now I'm going to configure what I want and close out my trouble ticket. Of course, I'll have to tell the host/ISP what actually FIXED the problem -- just in case someone ELSE has the same problem.


Posted by BlueWolf on June 3, 2003 08:48 PM